Angle Steel Round Rolling Machine , profile bending machine

Angle Steel Round Rolling Machine , profile bending machine

ModelLield limit(mm)Min diameter(mm)Max capacity(mm)Power(kw)Weight(kg)Dimensions(mm)



It’s used for rounding angle steel flange and 40Cr steel with overall heat treatment makes the machine more durable, JY-50 series angle steel round rolling machine can be changed according to different needs. You can roll angle iron, flat iron, square steel pipe, steel, etc. Three roll gap can be adjusted to work, saving material. It’s widely used in construction, fitment, hardware, light industry and chemical industries. And this machine is a high benefit roll round device. The structure has the advantages of small size, low energy consumption, high efficiency and no noise, the installation and use are convenient, the operation is simple, the carrying capacity is strong, the service life is long, the rolling speed is fast, the product quality is reliable and steady. The angle steel round rolling machine is an indispensable equipment for producing round duct, it allows the circular duct to be well connected, and this machine work with the hydraulic riveting machine to connect a good round duct will never fall off. At the top of the machine, there is a rotating lock that resizes the size, This is used to adjust the diameter of the ring, the maximum diameter of angle steel round rolling machine is 400mm.

  • One motor
  • One electronic box
  • One control electric system
  • One set mold
  • One cylinder