Automatic duct forming production line V with safe guard

Automatic duct forming production line V with safe guard

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Feature of Duct manufacture auto-line V:

√ Modular design allows adding a section at a time
√ Two sets of Twin-motor driven dual-decoilings, selectable coils stand by, maximum capacity of 5-ton per station (optional: up to 10-ton per station)
√ Straightening/flattening -Air pressure controlled six rolls straightener
√ Air pressure controlled ring type beading rolls with five beading rings-optional by remove beading rings
√ Notching & punching square
√ Patented Automotion pittsburgh lock former, forms pittsburgh lock and right angle,roll forming and shearing simultaneously,shorten working time, a perfect match to duct auto line
√ Optimizes floor space by inline position of machines,guarantees high efficiency
√ Accurate PLC control unit, Preset available profiles and folding style, notching size,punching size,cutting dimension on touchscreeneasy operate
√  Alternative width for 4(1300mm) or 5(1550) material
√  Sheet capacity: 18-27ga (0.4-1.2mm)
√  Shearing tolerance of ±0.5mm
√  Hydraulic folding diagonal tolerance of ±0.5mm
√  0-54FPM (0-18m/min) feeding speed,fast acting back gauge

3)Technical parameter:

Model No. Max Coil Width Thickness Range  Speed Shearing Tolerance Diagonal Tolerance
PM5-1.2×1300  1300mm  0.4-1.2mm  0-18m/min  ±0.5mm  ±0.5mm
PM5-1.2×1600  1600mm   0.4-1.2mm   0-18m/min   ±0.5mm  ±0.5mm

Stations: coil-straightening-beading-punching square-notching-shearing-folding-automotion pittsburgh lock forming-coil conveyer (optional)-duplex TDF flange forming -hydraulic folding.


  • Amotordriven speed adjustable decoiler (Optional 8 or 10 tons of hydraulic decoiler)
  • Optional8 tons or 10 tons of hydraulic material frame
  • Amaterial supporting frame
  • Amain machine
  • Amanipulator for materil clutch,transferring and positing platform
  • Amovable high-speed Pittsburgh lock forming machine
  • Aduplex angle steel flange forming machine
  • Aduplex TDF flange forming machine
  • Aservo motor driven material feeding and folding platform
  • Ahydraulic folding machine
  • ACNC System and a set of production software

Main import Configuration:

  • MITSUBISHI Frequency Converter
  • Japan NEMICON Inverter
  • Taiwan Hydromax Pump
  • Taiwan High TemperatureResistant Tubing

1. Cut to length or cut blank for plasma cutting machine
2.1 Punching and notching for “C” “S” cleat duct. It can cut different types of notches such as ”L”, “U” and “口”. It can also cut blank for “C” and “S” cleat flange machine.
2.2 Manufacture TDF flange duct automatically.
2.3 Cutting blank for angle iron flange or “Z” shape flange machine.Used with a vertical seaming machine to get a full wrap duct.
3. Cutting blank for TTF/LT mate flange. Used with a vertical seaming machineand mate flange machine to get a full wrap duct.